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Michael Bell
the miami-dade county youth fair & scholastic art and writing awards

miami, florida


Recently retiring as the Head of School at Fisher Island Day School, Michael Bell spent numerous years in the world of teaching and education. Beyond valuing creative writing in the classroom, Bell was involved with Miami Writes, an affiliate of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and is still a part of the Creative Writing Division of the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair. 

Why Introduce Creative Writing at the Classroom Level?

"A lot of the time, [students] don't even


realize how good they are at writing until somebody says that they are"

(Bell 2022).

+ Learn more about how participating in writing competitions and awards programs can impact the development of young writers:

  • personal validation

  • scholarships

  • travel opportunities

  • summer mentorship programs



Conversation Insights on Judging Creative Writing
Through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Happy Student

"Every work that is just is judged a minimally of two times. . . the judging is very fair-minded. . . because we realize that as much as you try to follow a rubric and be objective, there's always subjectivity. . .  when you do read those pieces that transcend you, it makes everything that you read that was mediocre worth it " (Bell 2022). 

Learn more. . . 

personal experiences with the
Miami-Dade County Youth Fair and
Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

effects of the pandemic on student writing, participation, and opportunities 

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